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Marriage/Couples Counseling

Marriage/Couples Counseling is an investment in your current and future happiness. Your romantic relationship started out as amazing, wonderful and exciting all in one. Somehow along the way it may have become a source of stress and pain, rather than the fulfilling partnership that it is meant to be. Marriage/Couples Counseling involves couples meeting with a highly skilled HMS Therapist to diagnose the core issues in the relationship and treat from the root of the problem. In addition, the couples will learn to communicate in a healthy manner while healing from disappointments and hurtful exchanges that may have occurred during the lifespan of the relationship. The Therapist will work with the couple to identify each partner’s specific needs in the relationship and work to help the couple learn how to meet each other’s needs.

HMS Therapists have worked with couples to resolve issues such as financial problems, infidelity, distrust and dishonesty in the relationship, difficulty trusting, military stresses, domestic abuse, emotional disconnectedness, spiritual conflict, apathy in the relationship, parenting concerns, previous trauma and sexual abuse and its effect on the relationship, and many more.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling is a preventative measure couples use to assess and fortify their relationship prior to getting married. Premarital counseling helps the couple to discuss their views on important topics such as roles in the relationship, financial responsibilities, children, previous relationships, boundaries in the relationship, and effective communication skills. Premarital Counseling sessions are typically 6 sessions, depending on the issues encountered in the sessions.

Investing the time upfront in premarital counseling, may save you the heartache in the future!

Take the first step today to restore and revitalize your relationship! Contact us today to set up a Marriage/Couples Counseling appointment.

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